Organic Root Elixir - 6 Bottles


Organic Root Elixir - 6 Bottles

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Take your taste buds on a magical journey and order now!

Refuel your Body, Mind and Soul.

Volume: 495ML

Units: 20-25 per bottle

Shake before use

Keep refrigerated after opening <4C

After opening consume within 30 days

Organic, vegan and 100% natural

Organic Root Elixir per 100ML:

Energy (kcal): 120,2

Energy (kJ): 510,3

Fats (g): 0,0

--> Of wich saturated (g): 0,0

Carbohydrates (g): 27,5

--> Of wich sugars: 26,2

Protein: 0,1

Salt: 0,0

Organic Fruit Elixir per 100ML:

Energy (kcal): 120

Energy (kJ): 509,7

Fats (g): 0,0

--> Of wich saturated (g): 0,0

Carbohydrates (g): 27,4

--> Of wich sugars: 26,3

Protein: 0,4

Salt: 0,0

Ingredients Organic Root Elixir:

Water, blue agave*, lemon*, natural ginger and turmeric aroma, ginger*, turmeric*, maca*, yacon*, tapioca syrup*, horseradish*, lucuma*, licorice root*, galanga*, ashwaganda* and orange carrot*

* = organic origin

Ingredients Organic Fruit Elixir:

Water, blue agave*, lemon*, natural grapefruit and ginger aroma, ginger*, tapioca syrup*, concentrate carrot and blackberry*, guarana*, maca*, pink pitaya*, papaya*, camu camu*, lucuma*, açai*, banana*, cacao* and inca sun salt*

* = organic origin


Magical, Powerful and Tasteful

SAPINCA Elixirs are devine drinks, handcrafted from the most powerful roots and fruits from South America. By layering the distinctive flavours of the species, SAPINCA offers a full-bodied and robuust yet sophisticated taste on your palate. An exciting taste sensation of perfectly balanced flavours. Start unlocking the flavours of mysterious ingredients!

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