How the adventure started

This is the story of rediscovering extraordinary ingredients like yacon, galanga, ashwagandha and maca. It's about a taste adventurer and entrepreneur in heart and soul, who created a divine drink with the help of a chef's critical taste buds. And it's a story of a special preparation process ...

some of the places you can find SAPINCA

It's only natural. Promise.

Finding special ingredients that are organic, vegan and high-quality is challenging. But we have successfully embarked on this adventure. Our elixirs are 100% natural, with no artificial substances or preservatives. And we have made no concessions whatsoever on taste or texture!

As a result, SAPINCA is not only delicious, but it is also pure nature. Packed with healthy ingredients known for their powerful flavour and nutritional qualities. Also good to know: We use organic blue agave as a natural sweetener. Unrefined, of course.

Looking for business opportunities?

Do you want to help us grow and take advantage of today’s high demand for healthy non-alcoholic drinks? As a new company, we're always excited to find new business partners. Feel free to contact us.

SAPINCA is magical. SAPINCA is powerful. SAPINCA is versatile.

But above all, SAPINCA is very tasty.

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