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Frequently asked questions and answers:

  • Why are the SAPINCA elixirs pasteurized?

Our Elixirs are pasteurized and heated at the most efficient temperature. We use this process to ensure that it retains the delicious flavours and special textures. It also means the vitamins and minerals are not lost during the process. Last but not least: the combination of pasteurization and the high amount of lemon juice ensure that our elixirs last up to one year unopened.

  • Why does separation (sediment) occur when leaving the bottle for a while?

SAPINCA elixirs are organic and 100% natural products. We call it the sediment and it's a normal process when you combine multiple & different ingredients in a drink. One raw material has a higher density and weight than the other. This creates sediment layers of different ingredients. This sediment also provides the unique taste, structure and mouthfeel of SAPINCA. We recommend that you always shake the bottle well before using SAPINCA.

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